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We have found just the right industry and companies to work with and have acquired quality domains and have built websites to market to this outstanding international opportunity.  Casino Sites, Poker Sites, Sportsbook Sites, Bingo Sites, Games Sites and Scratch Card Sites! All of the domains/websites are ready to go.  All you need is lease them, then initiate an advertising and marketing plan! So what are you waiting for, get in touch with us today and you can get started making money in this robust industry. Most of our Sites have been previously published and some are presently, parked and on hold for the new buyer. If you need assistance we'll contract with you to handle the day-to-day business for 15% of the commissions you receive or we will work on an hourly basis, your choice. Included in the leases, at no additional cost to you, is the timely conversion of all programs to your personal or company Username, including obtaining new Passwords and Code Installation.
Domain Packages [5 Domains],, and If you are looking for a branded property group for online gaming then the Lucky 11 Group could be your answer. This group of domains has been published since 2009! Email for quote.
Read More         Website [8 Domains],,,,, and This 8 domain package was acquired in 2011 and could become a major, brandable online casino group! $6,000 per month, three year lease, with option to buy.

Read More         Website
  2 Domain Package,

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